Jeff Swiff

Jeff Swiff is a Minneapolis NoCoast House Music artist that shares the idea that 'This feeling is Forever' with heads in his city and across the world. The kid's appreciation of Hip Hop, funk-fusion, broken beat and other forms of dance music, are well represented in his releases. Equally evident: his countless hours on and around dancefloors over the past 18 years spent with close friends and like minded artists, pushes the creativity. Jeff Swiff drops phat chunk into his cuts and pairs it with groovy pads and stabs- to match. Never afraid to come from the left- thiswon swings it in there, every time. His previous released work, covers the spectrum from intense to frenzied and slides all the way back to down to cool, smooth and focused' never losing sight of his signature style.

When asked, why house music? 'When I found House, the sounds took me to a different place and really set the tone for how the rest of my life would feel, and I've spent every moment since then trying to share this essential feeling that the music brings me to the heads in my community and around the world'.